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Workover Rig
After more than 10 years independent innovation, development and continuous improvement, our company manufacture many kinds of workover rigs including XJ250, XJ350, XJ450, XJ550, XJ650, XJ750, XJ850 types, which maximum static hook load is from 700 to 2250kN.
We load all power, drawworks, transmission in the car, which features convenient transportation, good cross-country performance and stable operation. This workover unit satisfy well depth from 1000 m to 9000 m and other kinds of workover operation requirements.

1. Dynamical system adopts hydraulic and mechanical transmission type, with high combined efficiency.
2. Chassis is available in professional second chassis or self-propelled to meet customer’s need.
3. Derrick uses open front single or double section with hydraulic raise, hydraulic or mechanical scale.
4. Workover rig features reasonable structure and high containerization, covering small area.
5. The main brake of drawworks can adopt band brake or hydraulic disc-brake, and the auxiliary brake can use pneumatic water-cooled disc brake or hydromatic brake. etc.
6. Drill floor is or rhomboid structure, which is convenient for lifting. The flat size and height can be designed according to customer’s requirement.
7. Many humanization design is applied, like new type cab, driller operation room, auxiliary brake AL-H, brake system expire protection, which improve workover unit’s comfort, safety and reliability.