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Solid Control System
Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. can provide reliable performance solid control system. According to requirements of customer, various drill rig and workover rig operation are satisfied. It is suitable for desert, low temperature and extreme environment.
The drill solid control equipment composes of vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, cleaner, sand pump, mixer, centrifuger, circulation tank, etc. The machine can be manufactured skid mounted, trailer mounted, etc.

Features of Solid Control System
1. Circulation tank is equipped with shale shaker, vacuum degasser, cleaners, agitator, sand pump and shearing pump, trip in pump, mud gun, injection funnel and other mud purification equipment. 2. The whole solid control system is equipped with mud weighting pipelines, shearing pipelines, mud pump suction pipelines, mud guns, water pipelines, etc.
3. The design of the system is according to requirements of customer, combined with the actual needs of drilling technology and considered the details in use.
4. Each system and process can work independently and simultaneously, with the features of reasonable design, process clear, compact layout, and easy to be installed and used.