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Potable Water Tank

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Potable water tank is mainly used to provide domestic water for camps of well site and other field job sites. It is mainly composed of the base, tank body, pump room, piping centrifugal pump, automatic pressure pump, automatic water purification equipment, level gauges, manifolds, stainless steel ball valves and the other components.


1. The bottom of the tank is equipped with a sewage outfall.
2. Potable water storage tank is installed with inside and outside ladders for grading operations, manholes etc.
3. The structure is simple, and suitable for train and road transportation.

Technical Parameter of Potable Water Tank

Model SSG20 SSG30 SSG40
Volume 20m³ 30m³ 40m³
Operating temperature -20℃ to +50℃
Main configuration Floating ball level meter, Explosion proof vertical centrifugal pump,LG Automatic pressure pump,Water purification equipment
Shape Square