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Motor Drive Pump Unit

Motor driven pump unit adopts motor engine with reliable performance, which transmission type is belt drive.

Technical Parameters of Motor Drive Pump
Engine-pump unit model JBZ800D JBZ1000D JBZ1300D JBZ1600D
Motor Model YJ23 YZ08 2×YZ08 2×YZ08
Power (kW) 600 800 800 800
Rated speed (r/min ) 1035 970 970 970
Mud pump Model F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600
Power (kW) 588 735 956 1176
Rated stroke (SPM) 150 140 120 120
Transmission ratio 4.185 4.207 4.206 4.206
Transmission type Belt drive
Total weight (kg) 25000 26000 43000 45000
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