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Industry Water Tank

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Industry water tank is mainly used for drilling fluid circulation water purification system, as well as other water in well site. This water tank is suitable for three types of transportation: hoisting, truck transportation and trailer transportation.

1. It is applied for long-distance road, rail transportation and well team frequent move.
2. It can be hauled in short distance in the venues.
3. Suit-tank can reserve much industrial water and realize artesian water.

Technical Parameters of Industry Water Tank

Model SG30 SG40 TZSG100
Volume 30m³ 40m³ 100m³
Operating temperature -20℃ to +50℃
The main configuration (can be matched according to customer demand.) Centrifugal pumps, Floating ball level meter Centrifugal pump, Colored quartz tube liquid level gauge, level controller Floating ball level meter
Shape Square Square Square, Suit