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Grid Electricity Workover Rig

The grid electricity workover rig can meet all kinds of workover operational requirements due to its safety, stability, and reliability as well as excellent technical performances. The wellsite is now completely free from exhausted gas/oil emissions, and well site noise has also been greatly reduced.

Technical Parameters of Grid Electricity Workover Rig
MODEL WXJ700(XJ40) WXJ900(XJ60) WXJ1100(XJ80)
Nominal service depth (ft)(27/8″EUE tubing) 11000 13000 18000
Nominal workover depth (ft)(27/8″DP) 6500 11000 15000
Max. hook load (lbf) 160000 202320 260000
Rated hook load (lbf) 90000 150000 180000
Motor model YJS355L-8 YJS450L-8 YJS450L-8
Motor power (hp) 250 300 410
Effective of mast (ft) 56 96 102
Drilling line diameter (in) 7/8 1 1
Hook speed (ft/s) 0.66 to 4.6 0.66 to 5.7 0.66 to 4.6
Approaching/departure angle 18°/14° 26°/16° 26°/17°
Min. ground clearance (in) 12.24 13.4 12.24
Max. gradient ability (%) 26 30 26
Min. turning diameter (ft) 108.27 92 108.27
Rotary table model ZP70 ZP90 ZP135
Traveling block model YG70 YG90 YG135
Swivel model SL70 SL110 SL135
Overall moving dimension (ft) 38×8×13 54.8×10×13.5 61×10×13.8
Main unit mass (lb) 55200 93000 111000
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