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Digital Control VF Electric Rig

Digital control VF electric rig is designed integrating mechanical, electrical and digital technologies with advanced and proven technology from China and overseas, while main functions realizing digital control.
possesses elementary functions for automation, intelligence and information gathering, its design meets HSE requirements. Hence, its operation is reliable with easy transportation and economic running.

Features of Digital Control VF Electric Rig
1. Electric transmission uses a vector VF drive system, main electric equipment are in VFD house where top drive VFD system is integrated.
2. Mud pump set electric control system meets the requirements to upgrade to 3 sets of 2200HP mud pump set control.
3. Integrated driller's cabin makes the driller fulfill the main operation of drilling rig in the cabin, realizing display, memory, print and management of parameters (signal) at real time.
4. Top drive operation can be realized by touch screen on driller's chair.

Parameters of Digital Control VF Electric Rig
Nominal drilling depth 6000 to 9000m(114mm DP)
5000 to 8000m(127mm DP)
RT opening dia. 1257.3mm(49 1/2″)
Max. hook load 6750kN Derrick type and effective K Type, 48m
Wire rope system of
traveling system
7×8 ,parallel Qty./power of drilling pump 3× 1600 hp pump (can be upgraded to 2200HP pump)
DW rated power 3200kW (4200hp) Transmission mode AC-VFD-AC
DW gears 2 gears, stepless speed regulation RT gears 1 gear, stepless speed regulation
Diameter of drilling line φ45mm
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