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Digital Control Electric Rig

Digital control electric rig adopts integrated design of mechanical, electrical and digital. Its major functions realize digital control, and it possesses elementary functions of automation, intelligence and information.

1. Structural design of rig components adopts advanced and proven technology of China and overseas, which has advantages of reliable operation, convenient mobilization and economic running to meet HSE requirements.
2. Electric transmission adopts variable-frequency drive (VFD) system, with major electric equipment placed in VFD house in which the top drive VFD system can be integrated.
3. Besides, regarding the electric control system for mud pump unitization, it can be upgraded to control three units of 2200HP mud pump when it is required.
4. This rig is equipped with an integral driller's cabin, in which a driller can finish major operations, and it achieves real time display, memory, print and management of parameters (signal).
5. In addition, top drive operation can be realized through the touch screen on driller's seat.
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