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DC Electric Drilling Rig

DC electric drilling rig adopts integrated design of mechanical, electrical and digital , its major functions realize digital control, and it possesses elementary functions of automation, intelligence and information.

1. Driving of RT, DW and mud pump is independent, RT rev, torque and mud pump stroke can be adjusted separately as per drilling technology, which provides precondition and guarantee for drilling technology optimization and auto-bit-feeding realization.
2. RT and auto-bit-feeding both adopt all-digital auto control technique, so drilling operation can be done through optimized drilling parameters, which will reduce labor intensity significantly and improve work efficiency.
3. Display, restoration, regulation and control, remote management of major drilling parameters can be realized.
4. Structure design of rig components adopts advanced and proven technology from China and Overseas, which has advantages of reliable operation, convenient transportation and economic running to meet HSE requirements.

Parameters of DC Electric Drilling Rig
Nominal drilling depth 2500~ 4000m (114mm DP )
2000~ 3200m (127mm DP )
Derrick type and effective K type, 43m
Max. hook load 2250kN / /
Wire rope system of
traveling system
5×6 , parallel Qty./power of drilling pump 2×1300hp pump
DW rated power 800kw Transmission mode AC-SCR-DC,1 to 1 type
DW gears 4 forward +4 reverse RT gears 2 gears +2 reverse
Diameter of drilling line φ32mm RT opening dia. 698.5mm (27-1/2″)
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