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ZJ70/4500D Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

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Skid mounted oil drilling rig is suitable for domestic, overseas various oil, gas well drilling and exploration under 7000m.

Principles and Features
1. Drilling rig types and basic parameters accord with industrial standards, main parts accord with API specifications.
2. Drilling rig is powered by diesel genset, which uses AC-SCR-DC DC electric drive and "1 to control 2” control mode. It features advanced performance, convenient and reliable control. It can adequately meet the drilling requirement.
3. Skid mounted oil drilling rig uses internal variable speed sealing drawworks, with 4 gears stepless speed regulating.
4. Equipped with double elevating (slingshot) substructure, derrick and all hydraulic drill machine can be assembled on low level and raised integrally.
5. The overturn type sinking rotary table driven box is with universal shaft connection, and rig floor is neat and wide.
6. Advanced solids control equipment assures reasonable process flow and novel structure.

Technical Parameters of Skid Mounted Oil Drilling Rig

S/N Description Parameters
1 Nominal drilling depth 5000 to 7000m(114mmDP)
4000 to 6000m(127mmDP)
2 Max. hook load 4500kN
3 Max. input power of Drawworks 1470kW(2000HP)
4 Drawworks gears 4 gears stepless speed regulating
5 Max. wireline number of Traveling system 12
6 Drilling wireline dia. φ38mm
7 Rotary table opening dia. 950mm(37 1/2)
8 Rotary table gears of skid mounted oil drilling rig 2 gears stepless speed regulating
9 Mud pumps model and number 2 sets of F-1600 mud pumps
10 Derrick type and effective Front opening type 45.5m
11 Substructure type and Double elevating (sling-shot type) 10m
12 Rig floor and clearance 13×12(m2) 9.1m
13 Transmission type of hydraulic drill machine AC-SCR-DC DC electric transmission
14 Control mode 1 to control 2
15 Diesel genset number & power(kW) 4 × 800
16 DC electric motor number&power(kW) 6 × 800
17 Mud HP manifolds 103mm(drift dia.)×35MPa
18 Solids control system mud active capacity 325m3