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XJ850 Truck Mounted Workover Rig

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The XJ850 truck mounted workover machine adopts double engine compound power system, which can achieve the shift between vehicle transportation and drilling operation, between single engine and double engine through compounding of the gear.

Features of Mechanical Well Workover Rig
1. The mast adopts 38m, 39m double-section hydraulic mast with raising and telescopic function.
2. The chassis is 14×10 type, with a good off-road performance.
3. The auxiliary brake adopts pneumatic water cooling disc brake.
4. The rotary table uses five forward, five reverse and anti-reverse rotation system.
5. The maximum static hook load is 2250KN. It can achieve heavy repair and side tracking when equipped with substructure and associated parts.
6. It is mainly used for work-over operation of middle and shallow wells.
7. Its main working system includes the lifting system and rotation system.

Parameters of Truck Mounted Workover Machine

Item Name Parameter
1 Nominal heavy repair depth (27/8″ Drill Pipe) m 9000
2 Max. hook load KN 2250
3 Rated hook load KN 1800
4 Engine model 2×C18
5 Engine power(kW) 2 × 470
6 Hydraulic transmission case model M6620AR×2
7 Transmission type of mechanical well workover rig Hydraulic + Mechanical
8 Qty. of traveling system ropes 6 × 5
9 Mast (m) 38/39
10 Main rope diameter (mm) 32
11 Hook speed (m/s) 0.2 to 1.3
12 Approach / departure angle of truck mounted workover machine 26°/18°
13 Min. ground clearance (mm) 311
14 Max. Gradeability 26%
15 Min. turning diameter (m) 41
16 Rotary table model ZP205/ ZP275
17 Hook block model YG225
18 Swivel model SL225
19 Overall dimension (m) 22.5 × 3.0 × 4.5
20 Main unit mass (kg) 82000