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XJ250DB Hybrid Driven Work over Rig

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XJ250DB hybrid driven workover rig is the latest self-developed truck-mounted work-over equipment of our company. It is an environmentally friendly machine, which can save energy, reducing the operating cost, emissions and noise pollution.

Technical Characteristic

1. Power source: diesel engine or network electronic + energy storage system
2. Electric well workover unit adopts self-made chassis, which has higher security and stronger bearing capacity. The mast can be 17m, 21m, 25m according to requirements.
3. Diesel and electricity dual-drive, power backup each other, safe and reliable, no local restrictions from power.
4. During electricity drive, the main motor adopts AC variable speed control, which can realize step less speed regulation.
5. During electricity drive, hybrid drive workover rig can automatically recycle the power feedback from braking and lowering down to save energy.
6. During electricity drive, the energy storage system and wellhead transformer can supply the power together, which can meet the power requirement of work over operation, and there is no need to equip transformer substation, thus reduces the security risks and improves the operational efficiency.
7. The output power control function to wellhead transformer can protect the wellhead transformer.

Technical Parameters of Hybrid Driven Workover Rig

Item Name Parameter
1 Nominal minor repair depth (27/8″EUE tubing) m 3200
2 Nominal heavy repair depth (27/8″ Drill Pipe) m 2000
3 Max. hook load KN 675
4 Rated hook load KN 400
5 Engine model Isle 340/40
6 Engine power( kW) 254
7 Hydraulic transmission case model BY302H
8 Transmission form of hybrid driven workover rig Hydraulic + mechanical
9 Main motor power (kW) 90
10 Qty. of traveling system ropes 4 × 3
11 Mast (m) 17/21/25
12 Main rope diameter (mm) 22
13 Hook speed (m/s) 0.2 to 1.4
14 Approach / departure angle 18°/12°
15 Min. ground clearance (mm) 311
16 Max. Gradeability of electric well workover unit 26%
17 Min. turning diameter (m) 33
18 Rotary table model ZP70
19 Hook block model YG70
20 Swivel model SL70
21 Overall dimension (m) 11.6 × 2.5 × 4.0
22 Main unit mass (kg) 25000