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Truck Mounted Drilling Rig
The truck mounted drilling rigs put all parts of power system, draw-works, mast, traveling system and transmission system on the self-propelled chassis. It has the characteristics of heavy workload, reliable performance, strong cross-country ability, convenient for transportation, low cost for operation and moving.

The truck mounted mechanical drill equipment series are with the drilling depth of 1000m, 1500m, 2000m, 3000m and 4000m, which can adapt to middle and shallow well drilling operation. We can also design rigs applicable to cold, desert, plateau and other special environmental requirements of customers.

Features of Truck Mounted Drilling Rig
1. The power system uses world famous engine with reliable performance.
2. The transmission system adopts Allison transmission case with flexible connection, which features smooth transmission, little impact and long duration.
3. The truck adopts petroleum-purposed vehicle chassis and uses many vehicle design technologies, such as heavy load wide axles, low-profile tires, high intensity main beam, hydraulic steering mechanism, double line brake system, etc.
4. The truck has good cross-country and driving performance, which can satisfy the complicate conditions of oilfields.
5. Centralized control of electricity, gas and hydraulic systems. The main components adopt imported elements of famous brands.
6. The mast is two-section front open and front tilting mast. The raise and fall down of the mast is realized by hydraulic cylinders, which design and manufacture meet with API 4F specification.

Advantages of Truck Mounted Drilling Rig
1. The rotary table transmission case can achieve forward and reverse shift and adapt to positive and negative buckle drill pipe rotation operation.
2. The rotary table transmission case is equipped with anti-torque release device to ensure the safe release of the drill pipe deformation energy.
3. The draw-works and rotary table can be electric driven.
4. The main drum uses integral Lebus rope groove to reduce the wear of the wire rope and effectively extend the service life of wire rope.
5. The main drum can adopt band brake or hydraulic disc brake. The auxiliary brake can adopt pneumatic water cooling disc brake or pneumatic tong type brake, water brake or eddy current brake.
6. Sand drum is optional.
7. There are many user friendly designs applied, including the new cab, new power steering, automatic locking pin of the mast, crown block and draw-works centralized lubrication systems, telescopic mast in place warning system and brake cooling system.
8. The substructure is two-part telescopic type or parallelogram structure, easy for transportation and lifting. The size and height of the substructure can be designed according to user requirements.
9. Ambient temperature is from minus 45°C to 50°.

Parameters of Truck Mounted Drilling Rig
Item Name Parameter
ZJ10/900CZ ZJ15/1350CZ ZJ20/1580CZ ZJ30/1800CZ ZJ40/1800CZ
1 Drilling depth (41/2″Drill Pipe) (m) 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000
2 Overhaul depth (31/2″Drill Pipe)(m) 2500 4500 5500 6500 7000
3 Max. hook load (kn) 900 1350 1580 1800 2250
4 Hook speed (m/s) 0.2 to 1.4
5 Mast (m) 29/31 33 35 38/39 38/39
6 Mast type A-mast A-mast A-mast A-mast A-mast
7 Engine power(kW) 261 403 470 2 × 403 2 × 470
8 Hydraulic transmission box 4700 OFSR M5620AR M6620AR 2×M5620AR 2×M5620AR
9 Transmission type of mechanical drill equipment Hydraulic + Mechanical
10 Traveling system 4 × 3 5 × 4 5 × 4 6 × 5 6 × 5
11 Main rope diameter (mm) φ26 φ26 φ29 φ32 φ32
12 Hook Block model YG90 YG110 YG160 YG180 YG225
13 Swivel model SL110 SL135 SL160 SL225 SL225
14 Rotary table model ZP175 ZP175 ZP175 ZP275 ZP275
15 Chassis model XDP40/8×6 XDP50/10×8 XDP60/12×8 XDP70/14×8 XDP80/14×10
16 Approach / departure angle 22°/18° 30°/20° 26°/18° 26°/18° 26°/18°
17 Min. ground clearance(mm) 311
18 Max. Gradeability 26% 26% 26% 26% 26%
19 Min. turning diameter (m) 28 30 38 41 41
20 Overall dimension (m) 16.7 × 3.05 × 4.2 18.8 × 3.05 × 4.3 20.5 × 3.05 × 4.4 22.3 × 3.2 × 4.5 22.3 × 3.2 × 4.5
21 Main unit mass (kg) 50000 58000 65000 82000 85000