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Train Type Cryogenic Drill Equipment

TZJ15 Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ15T/1350 trailer mounted drill rig is equipped with special three-axle semi-trailer chassis, reliable diesel power and transmission mechanism, 33m A type hydraulic telescopic mast. The product features reasonable layout, reliable operation performance and low transportation cost, easy for on-site installation and maintenance. It is suitable for drilling operations of oil and gas wells whose drilling depth is within 1500m....

Tags: Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig | Mechanical Trailer Mounted Drilling Machine | Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig | Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Drill Rig

Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. independently research and develop high origin, high technology serial skid-mounted modular drilling rig, including diesel engine and chain drive, diesel engine and motor combination drive, AC VFD electric drive and several drive modes, and including max drilling depth 5000m, 7000m, several spec and model....

Tags: Hydraulic Oil and Gas Drilling Machine | Hydraulic Drilling Machine | Rotary Drilling Rig | Full Hydraulic Drill Rigs

Drilling Rig

Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. independently research and develop high origin, high technology serial modular drilling rig, including truck mounted drill rig, trailer mounted drill equipment, skid mounted drill rig....

Tags: Truck mounted Drilling Rig | Truck Mounted Drill Rig | Mechanical and Hydraulic Drill Rigs | Truck Mounted Drilling Machine

Train Type Cryogenic Drill Equipment

  • Distributor of industrial and welding related products with the capability of filling most types of industrial cylinder gases, cryogenic liquids and supplying bulk customer sites. Wooster, Ohio.
  • PHPK designs, manufactures and engineers all types of cryogenic equipment, including special orders. Products include helium refrigerators, vacuum insulated piping, cryogenic couplings, vacuum seal-off valves, hinge and gimbal expansion joints, filter assemblies and cryogenic valves. Located in Westerville, OH and Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Manufacture and repair of cryogenic storage vessels and accessories. Also oxygen deficiency monitors and cryogenic safety equipment. Tyne and Wear, England.
  • Consultant organization provides training and/or inspection of lifting equipment. Operators, inspectors, and management training and documentation services.
  • New and used drilling equipment.
  • Maker of goals, balls, training and field equipment. Includes drills and training tips.
  • Cryogenic processing of equipment. Has a nicely detailed overview of the company's Vari-Cold cryogenic process and equipment. In Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.
  • A supplier of new drill rigs for the environmental,geotechnical, waterwell, and geothermal drilling industries.
  • Provides softball coach clinics. Also provides educational materials, JUGS Pitching Machine equipment, softball pins, gifts and training aids.
  • Rents, sells, and services hydraulic drills, breakers and drilling tools.
  • Manufacturer, distributor and service provider of drill rigs, rotary drill pipes, adaptors and stabilizers used in the drilling industry.
  • Foundation drilling equipment manufacturer and repair company specializing in drilling rig track mount conversions, drilling tools, slurry systems, rig modifications, repairs.
  • Handles LDH and LLDH drill rigs but also brokers assorted heavy equipment, overhauls drill rigs and sells drilling supplies.
  • Drilling and well service equipment supply company specializing in all types of oilfield mud pumps.
  • Production of automatic intervention safety valves, made of brass and stainless steel, with free or controlled discharge, and suitable for every type of fluid. Employed for depressurizing air compressed containers and/or chemical, pharmaceutical, food, oenologic, cryogenic systems.
  • Manufactures cryogenic deflashing and deburring equipment for the rubber and plastic industries. Also provides cryogenic deflashing and deburring services, cryogenic deflashing media and custom built equipment.
  • Specialists in cryogenic liquids and equipment. Also provide petrochemicals, oil and gas, and engineering services. In Singapore.
  • A directory of cryogenic equipment manufacturers and distributors.
  • Manufactures rock drilling tools and accessories. Drill bits, drill rods, drill accessories and other hard rock drilling tools used in mining and construction.
  • A resource for coaches and players that includes drills and animated plays in various categories.
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    Train Type Cryogenic Rig

    The horizontal-translating mode is railway moved type. Train-type cryogenic rigs are installed on a base which is laid on steel track, moved integrally through hydraulic cylinders for the requirements of cluster well drilling.