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TZJ30 Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

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ZJ30T/1800 Trailer-Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ30T/1800 trailer mounted hydraulic rig is equipped with special four-axle semi-trailer chassis, double engine and compound gear power system, 38m or 39m hydraulic telescopic mast. It is suitable for drilling operations of oil and gas wells whose drilling depth is within 3000m.

1. The rig features reasonable layout, reliable operation performance and low transportation cost, easy for on-site installation and maintenance.
2. Hydraulic drilling equipment adopts Caterpillar diesel engine, which has a reliable performance.
3. The product is equipped with Allison S series hydraulic transmission case, which has low operation and maintenance cost.
4. This machine uses special semi-trailer chassis, which is fast and move cost is low.
5. The main brake of draw-works can be disc brake or belt brake; the auxiliary brake is pneumatic water cooled disc brake.

Technical Parameter of Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Rig

Item Name Parameter
1 Drilling depth(41/2″Drill Pipe) m 3000
2 Heavy repair depth(31/2 "Drill Pipe) (m) 6500
3 Max. hook load KN 1800
4 Hook speed (m/s) 0.2 to 1.4
5 Mast (m) 38/39
6 Mast type A-mast
7 Engine power (kW) 2 × 403
8 Hydraulic transmission case 2×M5620AR
9 Transmission type of trailer mounted hydraulic rig Hydraulic + mechanical
10 Traveling system 6 × 5
11 Main rope diameter (mm) φ32
12 Hook block model YG180
13 Swivel model of hydraulic drilling equipment SL225
14 Rotary table model ZP275
15 Chassis model XDP70/14×8
16 Approach / departure angle 26°/18°
17 Min. ground clearance (mm) 311
18 Overall dimension (m) 22.3 × 3.2 × 4.5