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Solid Controlling Unit

XJ450 Solid Control System

XJ450 solid control unit is a mud treatment system, which integrated by mechanical control and electrical control....

Tags: Solid Control Machines | Drilling Solid Control Machines | Drill Solid Control System

ZJ20 Solid Control System

ZJ20 solid control unit is designed for ZJ20 drilling rig. It includes 3 sets of mud circulation tank, duty room, and drug tank, shuttle slurry distribution system, electrical control system and lighting system of solid control....

Tags: Mud Solid Control Circulating System | Drilling Solid Control Equipment | Drilling Solid Control Unit | Drill Solid Control Unit

T40G Solid Control System

T40/G solid control system is trailer mounted solid control system designed for ZJ40 drilling rig. drilling Solid control equipment consists of 5 sets of mud circulation tank, drug tank, shuttle slurry distribution system, electrical control system and lighting system of solid control....

Tags: Solid Controlling Unit | Solid Control System for Drilling Rig | Drilling Solid Controlling Unit

Solid Controlling Unit

  • Manufacturer of solid state relays, scr, ssr, and scr power controllers. Din rail io modules and din rail solid state contactors use thyristors for power control.
  • Snow and ice control equipment, cranes and hooklifts, solid waste and sewer machines, platforms and containers, parts, and used equipment.
  • Solids flow control valves: rotary, slide gate, diverter, knifge gate, pinch, and butterfly valves.
  • Manufacturer of rotary optical encoders for motion control applications. Selected modular units are available from stock; custom modular, hollow and solid shaft, commutation made to order.
  • Offering specialized environmental services to include site investigation, groundwater studies, air quality control, risk assessment, solid waste management, and pollution prevention.
  • Manufacturer of non-contact ultrasonic sensors and controls for distance measurement applications including motion controls and liquid/solid levels.
  • Manufactures custom fit, removable, reusable blanket insulation for energy management and acoustic control, and solid surface countertops.
  • Specialize in DC motors and SCR power supplies. They custom build solid state motor control systems to match specific applications.
  • A supplier of open architecture components and systems used for industrial control, signal conditioning, solid-state relays, and data acquisition.
  • Provides trash collection and disposal, as well as recycling, weed and litter control, and graffiti removal services for residential and commercial customers within the Albuquerque metropolitan area.
  • An engineering consulting firm specializing in combustion, air pollution control, solids handling, thermal desorption and the environment.
  • Contains information about Minnesota's environmental health, pollution control and prevention, hazardous and solid waste management and cleanup, and environmental regulations. Combined with the Office of Environmental Assistance.
  • Offers solid marble fireplaces and fire surrounds. Profile, services and product range.
  • Manufactures in line process control refractometers. Descriptions of products and applications are provided.
  • Suppliers of period antique and reproduction fireplaces. Victorian, Edwardian, Nouveau arts and crafts styles. Modern fires, with gas and solid fuel options.
  • Manufacturers of standard solid state time delay relays and timing modules, AC phase controls, DC speed controls and AC current sensors.
  • Specialists in the handling and processing of bulk solids. Explains, with pictures, various types of hopper, flow-control and mixing mechanisms.
  • Uses public education, mass communications, governmental involvement, and grassroots activities to prevent and control litter, improve solid waste management, and beautify the community. How to help, projects, and events.
  • Promotes litter control and prevention, beautification, waste reduction, recycling, and proper handling and disposal of solid waste.
  • Designs and manufactures DC to 40 GHz solid state control components. Has product, company and employment information.
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