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Skid Mounted Drilling Rig
Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. independently research and develop high origin, high technology serial skid-mounted modular drilling rig, including diesel engine and chain drive, diesel engine and motor combination drive, AC VFD electric drive and several drive modes, and including max drilling depth 5000m, 7000m, several spec and model.
This serial skid mounted drill rig can meet the demands of different region, well site conditions and different users, its derrick, winch, rig floor and accessories is in accordance with national drilling rig standards and norms, acquire United States API 4F standards certificate.

1. 5000m to 7000m serial on-wheel rail mounted drilling rig is modular drilling rig specially designed for cluster wells drilling.
2. The main rig part and auxiliary equipment (circulating system, genset, mud pumps and electric control etc) are disposed on a modular platform, which can integrally move fast on rails (with full setback).
3. The rig can work in minus 45℃ extremely cold area and plus 55℃ desert, and conduct drilling operation for single row cluster wells.

Technical Parameters of Skid Mounted Drill Rig
S/N Description Parameters
1 Rig max transportation weight 700 t
2 Max moving speed 0.3 m/min
3 Moving pitch step 500 mm
4 Moving cylinder Type Dual-action
Quantity 3
Pressure 21Mpa
5 Rails parameter 350 mm
Length 40000 mm