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Paralleling Diese lGenerator Set

Paralleling Diese lGenerator Set

  • Links to parallel computing resources.
  • A parallel file system for Linux clusters. Source code, manual, and papers.
  • The next generation of Parallel Virtual File System. Source code, documentation, and mailing list.
  • An online book about parallel computers, algorithms, program design, and parallel libraries. Collection of software tools and links to other resources.
  • Academic research groups and projects related to parallel computing.
  • Links to online books, tutorials, and research projects.
  • Article about the future of the parallel computing industry.
  • A book about parallel computing, focusing on a few specific research projects done at Caltech.
  • Newsletter of the Center for Research on Parallel Computation at Rice
  • Part of the Department of Electronics and Informatics of the faculty of Applied Science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
  • Description of a tutorial about converting serial programs to parallel programs.
  • An object oriented design framework for programming distributed memory parallel computers. Publications bibliography.
  • A language for multithreaded parallel programming based on ANSI C. Source code, manual, papers, and research into parallel chess programs.
  • Parallel Applications Development Environment is a software development environment for parallel programs. Source code and documentation.
  • Explains how to accurately analyze the real performance of parallel code and lists some basic considerations and common costs.
  • Explains fundamental concepts for moving from a linear to a parallel programming model
  • Computing and service center of University of Paderborn, Germany. Hosting and participating several national and international projects, operating innovative parallel computers. Good reputation in parallel computer science.
  • CODE is a visual parallel programming system that composes sequential programs into parallel programs for shared-memory multiprocessors and workstations running MPI or PVM.
  • Automatic parallel execution of sequential applications on SMP computers. Identifies all parallelism by static and dynamic scheduling. No parallelizing directives are required. Uses Dataflow.
  • University of Toronto researchers working on all aspects of parallel systems: computer architecture, OSs, compilers, performance evaluation, applications. Home of Hurricane and Tornado OSs, Hector and NUMAchine multiprocessors.
  • Automatic Control System

    Generator Control System

    Diesel Generator Set Control System

    Diesel Generator Set Control System features the high reliability, continuous long operation, low fuel consumption, Especially all over the world service network, provide for the customer can trust service guarantee.