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Mud Solid Control Circulating System

Drilling Waste Management System

Drilling waste management system is also called drilling waste disposal system, its main equipment includes drying shale shaker, drilling cuttings spin dryer, spiral conveyer, screw pump, etc....

Tags: Mud No landing Disposal System | Environmental Waste Disposal System | Drying Shale Shaker | Drilling Cuttings Spin Dryer

ZJ70 Solid Control System

ZJ70 solid control system is designed for ZJ70 drilling rig. It covers 12 sets of mud circulation tank, duty room, and drug tank, shuttle slurry distribution system, electrical control system and lighting system of solid control....

Tags: Solid Circulation & Solid System | Solid Circulation System | Drilling Solid Control Circulating System | Solid Control Circulating Equipment

XJ450 Solid Control System

XJ450 solid control unit is a mud treatment system, which integrated by mechanical control and electrical control....

Tags: Solid Control Machines | Drilling Solid Control Machines | Drill Solid Control System

Mud Solid Control Circulating System

  • Manufacturer of solids control equipment: shale shakers, mud cleaners, hydrocyclones, patented screen surfaces, Super G motors, centrifuges, degassers and agitators. Includes interactive calculators and a catalog of products.
  • Manufacturer of devices for the measurement and control of oxygen with solid electrolytes. Also supplier of electronic measurement and control devices and associated lab equipment.
  • Engineering and manufacturing of industrial controls including baseball batting cage controls, motor drives, sensors, solid-state relays, and touch switches. Services and products description.
  • Manufactures controls for the special machine building industry, specializing in solid state power controls, vibratory feeder controls and DC motor drives.
  • Manufactures broad range of circulating water and oil temperature control systems, as well as portable chillers and leak detection and descaling units. Site provides detailed product information.
  • Manufacturer of heater power controller, motor soft starter, solid state controller and SSR, power supplies and pulse timer. From Korea.
  • Graphical MUD system ported from AmigaMUD. Has a graphical MUD client written in Java and an efficient server written in C. CGMUD is not derived from any other MUD and has no licensing restrictions.
  • Supplies drilling fluids, solids control systems, component units and tri-plex mud pumps.
  • Manufactures solid-state AC and DC motor controllers, industrial light dimmers, custom machine controllers and industrial control systems.
  • Room air circulators, fans, heaters, humidifiers and air cleaners...
  • Manufacturer of solids control equipment: shale shakers, mud cleaners, hydrocyclones, patented screen surfaces, Super G motors, centrifuges , degassers and agitators.
  • The company behind MUD2 and the MUDDLE programming language and development system. Site includes telnet link to the original MUD1.
  • Electromechanical, solid state bindicators and point level control systems for level, flow, and dust detection controls including solid, liquid, powder, and slurry applications.
  • The project SolidOpt provides tools to facilitate the construction of optimization modules. SolidOpt base also provides an environment through which to load optimization modules to control the resources used in the computer system. Different representations of the target application facilitate the implementation of optimization methods. SolidOpt can be used as a compiler optimization using available optimization methods and representations, providing a decompiler if the source code of the target application is not available.
  • Supplies factory automation hardware and software in the UK. Products include Ethernet I/O, I/O modules and racks, solid-state relays, fast precision robotics.
  • RF remote control solutions provider offering RF module, wireless home security system and accessories manufacturer.
  • Fantasy MUD with player-run kingdoms, a level based system, extended race and class selections.
  • Software to manage route sales, delivery, and settlement through wireless invoicing, mobile inventory control, and integrated accounting systems.
  • Specializes in custom machine building, mechanical design, and motion control, providing process control and control panel building services, plus system integration of PLC and HMI programming with solid works design.
  • Manufactures process control instrumentation systems, solid state gas probes and systems for energy conservation and furnace atmosphere control
  • Vertical Cuttings Dryer

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