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Motor Pump Machine

Motor Drive Pump Unit

Motor driven pump unit adopts motor engine with reliable performance, which transmission type is belt drive....

Tags: Motor Pump Unit | Motor Pump Equipment | Motor Pump Machine | Motor Pump Machinery

Pump Unit

Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. independently research and develop high origin, high technology pump units, including diesel driven pump and motor driven engine pump unit....

Tags: Diesel Driven Pump | Motor Drive Pump Unit | Diesel Driven Pump Unit | Motor Drive Pump

Diesel Driven Pump

Diesel driven pump is equipped with Allison S series hydraulic transmission case, which has low operation and maintenance cost. Its transmission type combines hydraulic, mechanical and universal joint....

Tags: Diesel Pump Unit | Diesel Driven Pump Equipment | Diesel Driven Pump Machine | Diesel Driven Pump Machinery

Motor Pump Machine

  • Centrifugal pumps from a single manufacture. Pumps for industrial use as well as for the machine tool industry.
  • Performs testing and finite element analysis of vibration, stress, fatigue, and flow, providing case histories related to turbomachinery / rotating machinery (turbines, compressors, pumps, fans), electric motors, and reciprocating machines.
  • Services range from conception, fabrication and repair of hydraulic systems, winches, speed reducers and custom-built machines. New and recycled parts also available for a wide array of pumps and motors.
  • Wide selection of pneumatic tools, replacement parts, and accessories. Includes impact and striking wrenches, drill and stationary motors, chipping hammers, impact sockets, test plugs, syphons, jet pumps, and eductors.
  • Germany. Manufactures range of hydraulic equipment and components. Includes valves, motors, pumps, moulding machines, weaving looms, and lifting tables and devices. Applications include farming, construction, and various manufacturing industries.
  • Trading of power tools, threading machines, pumps, motor and tiller.
  • Electric motor sales and service including pumps, controls, balancing, and machine work.
  • Mfg: AC Electric Motors, Foot Mounted Motors, Flange Mounted Motors, Geared Motors, Bench Grinder, Pedestal Grinder, Abrasive Belt Grinder, Bench Polisher, Pedestal Buffer, Flexible Shaft Grinder, Coolant Pump.
  • Produces electric relays for three-phase electric motors protection, level electronic relays, temperature electronic regulators, panel digital voltmeters, electric switch - boxes for three - phase electric drivings ( motors, pumps, ventilators, and so on...) with import components ( e.g. SCHNEIDER-TELEMECANIQUE), electric spark generators for electric discharge machines. Also produces PCB-s, using its own equipment.
  • Production of motor pumps for machine tools and refrigerators, stirrer units, electric motors. Customized products using our electric motors.
  • Die casted parts and metal stampings for fan parts, fans, lamination, motor, pumps parts and pumps. From India.
  • Produces non-seal motor pumps, submersible pumps, refrigeration pumps, ammonia pumps, circulation pumps for absorption chills/heaters.
  • Manufacturer of irrigation machines and systems and motor pump sets.
  • Manufacturer of babbitt lined split, insulated, tilt pad, and journal bearings for turbines, motors, pumps, and generators.
  • Manufacturer of electric motors like flame proof motor, dual speed motor, brake motor, induction motor, DC motors, torque motor, single phase motor.
  • India. Manufacturers of AC and DC motors and generators, and point machines for a range in industrial applications. Also, power systems and pumps.
  • Manufactures motor-driven coolant pumps for machine tools.
  • Specialized in manufacturing various hand-operating and motor-driven machines for plant-protecting, cleaning and gardening. Based in China.
  • Manufactures couplings for the motor industry, motor-driven pumps, welding machines and power alternators from 1 to 1500 kW.
  • Provides electro-mechanical pumps and motors, repair and maintenance services.
  • Motor Pump Equipment

    Motor Pump Machinery