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Motor Drive Pump

Pump Unit

Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. independently research and develop high origin, high technology pump units, including diesel driven pump and motor driven engine pump unit....

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Diesel Driven Pump

Diesel driven pump is equipped with Allison S series hydraulic transmission case, which has low operation and maintenance cost. Its transmission type combines hydraulic, mechanical and universal joint....

Tags: Diesel Pump Unit | Diesel Driven Pump Equipment | Diesel Driven Pump Machine | Diesel Driven Pump Machinery

XJ250DB Hybrid Driven Work over Rig

XJ250DB hybrid driven workover rig is the latest self-developed truck-mounted work-over equipment of our company. It is an environmentally friendly machine, which can save energy, reduce the operating cost, emissions and noise pollution....

Tags: Hybrid Drive Work over Unit | Hybrid Drive Well Workover Rig | Electric Hybrid Drive Workover Rig | Electric Workover Machines

Motor Drive Pump

  • Full service AC/DC electric motor, servo motor, pump, hoist and transformer repair and rebuild facility. Dyna sells new motors and distributes Rowan Elettronica motors, AC drives, and inverters.
  • repair of electric motors, drives, and pumps including adjustable speed drives and linear motors.
  • UK based manufacturer of customised mag-drive centrifugal, rotary piston and diaphragm pumps.
  • Sales and repairs of industrial motors, AC and DC drives, reducers and pumps. Also offering industrial electronics repairs, automation control design and installation, industrial electrical construction and CSI maintenance services.
  • Pumps, packaged pump systems, motors, drives and controls, mechanical seals and packing, and process equipment.
  • Provides electro-mechanical pumps and motors, repair and maintenance services.
  • Electric motor repairs, distributor,sales,rewinding, rebuilding, vibration analysis, pump repair
  • Electric motor repair shop, located in British Columbia for pumps, drive products, complete electric motor rewinding.
  • UK. Supplies precision control products to industry, including 'Colibri' stepping motors, chocolate screw pumps, servo-hydraulic amplifiers and variable speed drives. On line membership.
  • Provide motors, drives, pumps, welding supplies - Baldor, Sterling, Leeson, Lincoln. Compressors - Curtis and Quincy distributors.
  • Representatives for Indexator rotators, Rototilt black bruin som apis pumps, SOM gearboxes, Intermot Metso hydraulics, O and K final drives, Rollstar planetaries and Geco axial piston motors in North America
  • repairs and sells electric motors, and specializes in the engineering, sales, and service of the pumping and ventilating systems that motors drive.
  • Produces electric relays for three-phase electric motors protection, level electronic relays, temperature electronic regulators, panel digital voltmeters, electric switch - boxes for three - phase electric drivings ( motors, pumps, ventilators, and so on...) with import components ( e.g. SCHNEIDER-TELEMECANIQUE), electric spark generators for electric discharge machines. Also produces PCB-s, using its own equipment.
  • 'COLIBRI' stepping motors fitted with state-of-the-art positional controllers (0.4Nm - 10Nm); SIG servo-hydraulic linear and torque amplifiers controlled by stepping motors for precise position control of large masses; SIG screw pumps for pumping chocolate media (up to 200 litres/min); soft start devices for a.c. motors up to 400 kW in power; and a.c. variable speed drives (up to 30kW).
  • Manufacturer of magnetic drive and horizontal centrifugal pumps. Marietta, Georgia.
  • Produces non-seal motor pumps, submersible pumps, refrigeration pumps, ammonia pumps, circulation pumps for absorption chills/heaters.
  • Manufacturer of electric motors like flame proof motor, dual speed motor, brake motor, induction motor, DC motors, torque motor, single phase motor.
  • Supplies centrifugal pump and motor systems for industrial and commercial applications. Product range includes end-suction, double suction split case, vertical and horizontal multistage and sewage submersible pumps as well as electric motors. US based (FL).
  • Manufactures precision pumps; magnetic drive gear pumps, piston pumps, or custom made products.
  • Manufacturer of submersible borewell pumps and electric motors based in India.
  • Diesel Driven Pump Unit

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