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Hydraulic and Mechanical Onshore Workover Rig

ZJ40/2250L Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

Skid mounted drilling rig is diesel engine driven mechanical rig, the power from diesel engine will be paralleled through paralleling device to drive drawworks, rotary table and mud pumps. This mechanical drilling equipment is suitable for various oil, gas well drilling and exploration under 4000m at home and abroad....

Tags: Hydraulic Drilling Machinery | Land Drilling Rig | Electric and Mechanical Drilling Rig | Power Head Drilling Rig

Generator room and Generator room set

Generator room is mainly provides power to rig equipment which needs electricity. Its layout and display are according to rig design. Specialized customized solutions can be issued according to client’s demands....

Tags: Diesel Generator Set | Diesel Generator Room | Electricity Generation Engine Room | Generator Room and Generator Room Set | Generator Set | Generator Room Unit

Drill Rig Components

Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. was established in 2004, which specializes in processing, manufacturing and selling an extensive range of petroleum drilling machines with 5 major categories and more than 30 specifications....

Tags: Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Hydraulic and Mechanical Onshore Workover Rig

  • Provides maintenance training courses for CNC, PLC, electrical, welding, mechanical, predictive and preventive, industrial rigging, hydraulic systems and pneumatics. Thermography scanning also provided.
  • Hydraulic and hydraulogic engineering, protecting managing and developing water resources, fisheries, hydroelectric dams, bridge assessment.
  • Provides maintenance training courses for CNC, PLC, electrical, welding, mechanical, predictive and preventive, industrial rigging, hydraulic systems and pneumatics. Thermography scanning also provided.
  • Suppliers, distributors and repairer of hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electro-mechanical systems. Company, product and service details along with location and means of contact.
  • Provides mechanical engineering consulting as well as design, analysis, and troubleshooting. Specializes in rotating equipment and hydraulic and pneumatic components.
  • Computational fluid dynamics, numerical modeling, hydraulics, flow-3d and computer simulation.
  • Boundary Elements and Singular Integral Equations Software for Civil/Structural Engineering (solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, structural analysis, hydraulics)and Mechanical Engineering (fluid mechanics, potential flow, aerodynamics).
  • Development, design and engineering of new products in all branches of mechanical engineering, comprising hydraulics and pneumatics, process engineering, and medical technology.
  • Design hydraulic and/or mechanical equipment or write specialist software.
  • A lesson outline on the topic of fluids. Looks at topics such as viscosity, buoyancy, density, volume and how hydraulics and pneumatics plays an important role.
  • Manufacturer of hydraulic presses, power packs, jacks, mechanical track jacks, cylinders, hand pumps, pullers and other hydraulic tools.
  • Provides machine shop, metal fabrication, hydraulic sales and service, bearings, seals, chain, sprockets and belts, mechanical services, steel sales and related consulting services. Based in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
  • Hydraulic engineers and lubrication specialists in Sheffield. Information about products, components, service and repair.
  • A Windows software package for analyzing HYdraulic TRAN sients or water hammer in pipelines.
  • Offers design, manufacture, installation and after sales service for hydraulic systems. Products include lifts, balers, mechanical handling and fluid power equipment and drum reconditioning.
  • Germany. Large mechanical components, including hydraulic cylinders, for the machine building industry. Applications include lathe work, deep hole drilling, grinding, milling, boring, and special purpose assemblies.
  • Turkey. Specializes in design and supply of work platforms and hydraulic tables, produced to US quality and safety standards. Site provides details of available scissor and telescopic type units.
  • Wide range of mechanical and hydraulic power presses and auxiliary equipment. Primary applications include metal stamping, forming of intricate electronic parts, and production of metal cans.
  • UK. Specializes in manufacture of hydraulic and mechanical pipe flange spreaders and alignment tools. Product and application details.
  • Distributors of hydraulic and mechanical flange spreaders; alignment tools, and valve-out valve/flange tools.
  • Hydraulic Onshore Oil Workover Rig

    Skid Mounted Diesel Engine Pump Units

    Onshore Workover Rig

    With an optimum structure and high-level integration, the onshore workover rig requires a small working space. The power system is a hydraulic and mechanical type with high comprehensive efficiency. A class II or self-propelled type chassis can be adopted to meet the various requirements of the end-users.