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Hydraulic Oil and Gas Drilling Machine

TZJ15 Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ15T/1350 trailer mounted drill rig is equipped with special three-axle semi-trailer chassis, reliable diesel power and transmission mechanism, 33m A type hydraulic telescopic mast. The product features reasonable layout, reliable operation performance and low transportation cost, easy for on-site installation and maintenance. It is suitable for drilling operations of oil and gas wells whose drilling depth is within 1500m....

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Diesel Oil Tank

Diesel oil tank is a professional equipment to provide reserve fuel for the rig power equipment (diesel engine, generators, etc). Diesel tank is composed of the base, tanks, piping centrifugal pumps, filters, flow meters, level gauges, manifolds, stainless steel ball valves and the other components....

Tags: Diesel Fuel Tanks | Diesel Oil Storage Tanks | Oil Tank | Diesel Tank | Diesel Fuel Tank

ZJ10 Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ 10/900CZ truck mounted drill rig is a type of light truck mounted drilling rig self-developed by our company. Through years of technology innovation and continuous improvement, it has become more mature and reliable. It is used for drilling operation of shallow wells which is less than 1000m, overhaul operations of oil and gas wells and water well drilling operations....

Tags: Oil Well Drilling Rig | Portable Drilling Rig | Truck Mounted Drill Equipment

Hydraulic Oil and Gas Drilling Machine

  • Manufactures a short, all metal hydraulic motor for cleaning and drilling oil, gas and geothermal wells. It can operate in high temperature, underbalanced and corrosive environments.
  • Excel software for drilling consultants and rig supervisors, hydraulics ,well control, workovers, completions and well bore schematics. Company based in Sacramento, California.
  • Provides oil and gas exploration companies with acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, nitrogen and CO2 drilling and completion services. Based in Alberta, Canada.
  • Oil and gas well completion services for south-west Wyoming, Green River Basin. Acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, nitrogen and CO2 drilling and completion services.
  • Specialist rehabilitation of pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, and complete hydraulic systems for the pulp and paper, steel, marine, and offshore drilling industries.
  • Design and manufacture of electronic and hydraulic instrumentation for monitoring and controlling drilling rig operations.
  • China-based OEM and provider of drilling equipment including downhole motors, tricone bits, PDC bits, hole openers, and hydraulic breakout units.
  • Specializes in drill pipe inspection and CNC lathe machining services, drill pipe and drilling components. Facilities in both Louisiana and Texas serving the Gulf Coast. Includes a detailed list of services.
  • Oil and gas magazine with resources and articles on energy, oil drilling and the oil industry.
  • Provides a specialized service for rig moves, including string-ups, un-strings, crown, drill line, and block change outs.
  • Regulate and promote oil and gas drilling, production and storage.
  • Leases equipment for high powered compression drilling to both on and offshore drilling operations.
  • Worldwide company which provides offshore and onshore contract drilling and drilling-related services. (NYSE: PKD)
  • Provides drilling operations guidelines. Free downloads, drilling operational data, training course information, links to other drilling related sites.
  • Provides oil-based and water-based drilling and completion fluids, supervisory mud engineers and a mud laboratory to the drilling industries. Located on the West Coast. Includes technical papers, tables, graphs and product descriptions.
  • Manufacturer and supplier of specialty drilling fluids and mud chemicals. Located in India.
  • Learn about these metal finishers to the off shore oil and gas, hydraulic, textile, and paper industries. UK based.
  • UK. Products and services include scrap metal recycling, steel stockholding, building demolition, and supply of marine, oilfield, and non-oil and gas drilling equipment. Information regarding capabilities.
  • Provides supervision personnel for oil and gas projects: drilling, completion, workover, pipeline and construction.
  • Oil and gas jobs; offshore drilling jobs listing.
  • Hydraulic Oil and Gas Drilling Rig

    Hydraulic Drilling Machine