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Hydraulic Marine Workover Rig

Drilling Rig

Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. independently research and develop high origin, high technology serial modular drilling rig, including truck mounted drill rig, trailer mounted drill equipment, skid mounted drill rig....

Tags: Truck mounted Drilling Rig | Truck Mounted Drill Rig | Mechanical and Hydraulic Drill Rigs | Truck Mounted Drilling Machine

ZJ50/3150LDB Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

Mechanical skid mounted drilling rig is suitable for domestic, overseas various oil, gas well drilling and exploration under 5000m. Oil well drill rig types and basic parameters accord with industrial standards, main parts accord with API specifications....

Tags: Core Drill Equipment | Crawler Drilling Rig | Skid Mounted Oil Well Drill Rig

Electric Work over Rig

The electric workover rig is the latest self-developed truck-mounted workover equipment of our company. It is an environmentally friendly machine, which can save energy, reduce the operating cost, emissions and noise pollution....

Tags: Workover Rigs | Mechanical Well Workover Rigs | Electric Workover Unit | Electric Well Workover Units

Hydraulic Marine Workover Rig

  • Excel software for drilling consultants and rig supervisors, hydraulics ,well control, workovers, completions and well bore schematics. Company based in Sacramento, California.
  • Australia. Manufacturers range of hydraulic products for vehicle repair, body shop, and marine industries. Includes presses, transmission jacks, hoists, pumps, cylinders, and yacht rigging items.
  • Offers well servicing with a fleet of double drum work over rigs and swabbing units. Based in Canadian, Texas.
  • Offer a full range of services, including full mast removal and mobile services.
  • Provides oil and gas exploration companies with acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, nitrogen and CO2 drilling and completion services. Based in Alberta, Canada.
  • Oil and gas well completion services for south-west Wyoming, Green River Basin. Acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, nitrogen and CO2 drilling and completion services.
  • Manufacturers of Leisure-Furl in-boom mainsail furling system, as well as the Sea Rig range of standing rigging fittings.
  • Supplier of machinery and materials including drilling and workover rigs and ancillary equipment and parts.
  • Operating 242 rigs, mainly in Canada. Most of these are workover rigs.
  • Provides services such as snubbing, coil tubing, wireline, hot tapping, valve drilling, nitrogen and marine services. Based in Houston, Texas.
  • Custom design and manufacturing of well service equipment, drilling and workover rigs. Remanufactures this equipment also. Provides service at field locations.
  • Supplier of oil and gas equipment, including drilling equipment and tools, work-over and production equipment, rigs and accessories, components and spare parts.
  • UK. Supplies and services range of hydraulic products for agricultural, commercial vehicle, industrial, and marine applications. Site incorporates list of available items and services.
  • Suppliers of stainless and galvanised rigging and accessories. Wire and synthetic rope and terminations for DIY, architectural, marine and industrial applications.
  • Specializes in industrial and marine rigging systems. Includes description of products, completed projects and downloadable brochures.
  • American rigging and crane hire company for hydraulic and truck cranes.
  • Marine and architectural rigging supply and service company specializing in custom running and standing rigging for cruising sailboats. Find services and profile.
  • Manufactures for aerospace, marine construction, energy, utilities and oil industries. Includes product and services description, downloadable catalogs and newsletter.
  • Manufacture ropes for marine and yachting applications.
  • Stainless steel marine, landscape and architectural rigging hardware manufacturer's information and catalog.
  • Jack up Drilling Units

    Mechanical Marine Workover Rig

    Marine Workover Rig

    The mast of marine workover rig is front open type, with a single section or double- section structure, hydraulic raising and hydraulic telescoping, or mechanical telescoping.