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Hydraulic Disc Brake for Drilling Machine

TZJ30 Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ30T/1800 trailer mounted hydraulic rig is equipped with special four-axle semi-trailer chassis, double engine and compound gear power system, 38m or 39m hydraulic telescopic mast. It is suitable for drilling operations of oil and gas wells whose drilling depth is within 3000m....

Tags: Trailer Mounted Well Drilling Equipment | Trailer Mounted Drill Machine | Trailer Mounted Drill Equipment

ZJ30 Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ30/1800CZ truck mounted drill machine is a type of light truck mounted drilling rig self-developed by our company. It adopts double engine parallel power system. Gear parallel can achieve the power shift between vehicle driving and drilling operation, between single engine working and double engine working. Through years of technology innovation and continuous improvement, it has become more mature and reliable....

Tags: Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig | Mechanical Drill Rig | Oil and Gas Drill Equipment | Mechanical Truck Mounted Drilling Machine

ZJ40/2250DB Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

Skid mounted hydraulic rig works through PLC to realize intelligent driller control for drilling rig, and achieve data storage, printing and remote transmission. This skid mounted drilling machine is suitable for various oil, gas well drilling and exploration under 4000m at home and abroad....

Tags: Skid Mounted Drilling Equipment | Core Drilling Machines | Hydraulic Portable Drill Rig

Hydraulic Disc Brake for Drilling Machine

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  • Mechanical Disc Brake

    Disc Brake

    Hydraulic Disc Brake

    Hydraulic disc brake has working brake, parking brake, over-roll protection, an emergency brake and other functions so as to meet drilling process requirements to the fullest extent. It also has automatic protective functions for power, air and hydraulic failures.