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Hybrid Coil Tubing Drilling Unit

Motor Drive Pump Unit

Motor driven pump unit adopts motor engine with reliable performance, which transmission type is belt drive....

Tags: Motor Pump Unit | Motor Pump Equipment | Motor Pump Machine | Motor Pump Machinery

ZJ10 Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ 10/900CZ truck mounted drill rig is a type of light truck mounted drilling rig self-developed by our company. Through years of technology innovation and continuous improvement, it has become more mature and reliable. It is used for drilling operation of shallow wells which is less than 1000m, overhaul operations of oil and gas wells and water well drilling operations....

Tags: Oil Well Drilling Rig | Portable Drilling Rig | Truck Mounted Drill Equipment

XJ250DB Hybrid Driven Work over Rig

XJ250DB hybrid driven workover rig is the latest self-developed truck-mounted work-over equipment of our company. It is an environmentally friendly machine, which can save energy, reduce the operating cost, emissions and noise pollution....

Tags: Hybrid Drive Work over Unit | Hybrid Drive Well Workover Rig | Electric Hybrid Drive Workover Rig | Electric Workover Machines

Hybrid Coil Tubing Drilling Unit

  • Offers coiled tubing drilling services, including project management and planning. Located in Exeter, UK.
  • Provides oil and gas exploration companies with acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, nitrogen and CO2 drilling and completion services. Based in Alberta, Canada.
  • Provides services such as snubbing, coil tubing, wireline, hot tapping, valve drilling, nitrogen and marine services. Based in Houston, Texas.
  • Oil and gas well completion services for south-west Wyoming, Green River Basin. Acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, nitrogen and CO2 drilling and completion services.
  • Tube and pipe bending and forming including helical pipecoils, spiral coils, J fittings, tube rolling and fabrication services.
  • Data monitoring and recording on wellheads, wireline, slickline, coiled tubing and pumping units.
  • Supplies precision profiled, scribed and drilled ceramic substrates for both thick film and thin film and aluminium nitride for hybrid circuits as well as laser processed ceramics.
  • International supplier of drill bits, tubes and rods, downhole hammers, casing and screens for the drilling, mining and waterwell industries; listing of products and vendors, as well as a company overview.
  • Full service stocking distributor of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, tinplate, alloys, and galvanized in coils, sheets, bars, rounds, flats, tubing, and pipe.
  • Manufacturing plastic medical tubing for medical manufacturing companies. Provide customized products, clean room facilities, equipment for semi-automated tube coiling.
  • Manufacturer of welded stainless steel, coil, alloy and metric stainless tubing.
  • Manufactures blast hole drills, water well rigs for drilling tube wells for drinking water, for irrigation and for industries in various geological formations. Also, manufactures dust collecting systems, mud, turbine, and centrifugal pumps.
  • A reconditioning plant for oil field tubing, casing, and drill pipe, plus rental products including tubing, drill pipe and associated handling tools. Describes products, services and business contact.
  • Control line and coiled tubing for the oil and gas industry including welded and seamless coil and instrumentation stick tubing for subsurface valves and chemical injection lines.
  • International supplier of drill bits, tubes and rods, downhole hammers, casing and screens for the drilling, mining and waterwell industries.
  • Plastic tubing, hose, coils and tether manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer of heat transfer products. Includes shell and tube heat exchangers, new and replacement tube bundles, pipe and tube coils, fin coils, tanks and weldments. Photo gallery of products and parts.
  • Manufacturer of bespoke presswork and metal pressings, using ferrous and non-ferrous metals in sheet, coil or tube form.
  • Designer and manufacturer of heat transfer equipment. ASME certified.
  • Founded in 1923, Aerofin is a manufacturer of finned tubed heating exchangers/coils and other associated equipment.
  • Grid Electricity Workover Equipment

    Hybrid Coil Tubing Drilling Machine

    Hybrid Coil Tubing Drilling Rig

    Hybrid coil tubing rig combines the drilling rig with the coil tubing operation equipment, so that either the coiled tubing or common drill pipe can be used for drilling.