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High Temperature Resistance Camp


Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. specializes in manufacture of all kinds of camps, including High temperature resistance camp, Desert camp, Bulletproof camp, Anti-knock camp, Villa camp(above three layers). Our main products are skid mounted camp and container camp. Now the camp’s annual value is 300 million yuan....

Tags: High Temperature Resistance Camp | Desert Skid Mounted Camp | Bulletproof Container Camp | Anti-knock Camp | Villa Skid Mounted Camp

High Temperature Resistance Camp

  • Specialise in industrial Teflon, non-stick and high temperature resistant coatings for industry and industrial applications.
  • Overview of the definitions, properties, products and end uses of the most common high-performance and high-temperature resistant fibers applied in the textile, composite and nonwovens industries. Originally form Aramid, Ltd. Edited and revised with permission by William C. Smith, from Industrial Textile Associates.
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