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Grid Electricity Workover Equipment

XJ650 Truck Mounted Workover Rig

The XJ650 hydraulic truck mounted workover unit is mainly suitable for work-over operation of middle and shallow wells. Its main working system includes the lifting system and rotation system. The maximum static hook load is 1580KN. Workover rig can achieve heavy repair and side tracking when equipped with substructure and associated parts....

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Workover Rig

After more than 10 years independent innovation, development and continuous improvement, our company manufacture many kinds of workover rigs including XJ250, XJ350, XJ450, XJ550, XJ650, XJ750, XJ850 types, which maximum static hook load is from 700 to 2250kN....

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XJ850 Truck Mounted Workover Rig

The XJ850 truck mounted workover machine adopts double engine compound power system, which can achieve the shift between vehicle transportation and drilling operation, between single engine and double engine through compounding of the gear....

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Grid Electricity Workover Equipment

  • Supplier of oil and gas equipment, including drilling equipment and tools, work-over and production equipment, rigs and accessories, components and spare parts.
  • Manufacturer of photovoltaic modules designed for large scale, grid connected and off grid solar power plants.
  • Designs, assembles and markets grid tie and off grid utility inverters. Based in Marlborough, Massachusetts. (Nasdaq: SATC)
  • Photographic tour explains all of the equipment that brings the power to your home.
  • Manufacture of grid tie inverters, off-grid inverters, solar controllers, drive inverters etc solar components products.
  • Supplies equipment for living beyond the electric grid including solar, generators, inverters, and wind power units.
  • Offers photovoltaic panels for use in small off-grid systems to the large on-grid solar farms.
  • Supplier of machinery and materials including drilling and workover rigs and ancillary equipment and parts.
  • Supplies equipment and personnel for coil tubing, nitrogen and fluid pumping.
  • Custom design and manufacturing of well service equipment, drilling and workover rigs. Remanufactures this equipment also. Provides service at field locations.
  • Provides information about the Smart Grid, defining terminology, jargon, and acronyms for general business and consumers.
  • Organization of US electrical grid operators. Papers on grid reliability standards, self-assessments, and research reports.
  • Manufacture of solar AC Disconnects, DC Disconnects, Xantrex grid tie inverter, Xantrex off grid inverter, and Xantrex charge controllers.
  • Systems for energy generation, independent from the grid, economical and ecological.
  • Retailer and installer of grid tie photovoltaic systems. California.
  • The UK based electricity and gas company that operates the National Grid high-voltage electric power transmission network in the UK. Provides a range of information on electricity generation and distribution in the UK.
  • Core business of transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas to customers in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
  • Software allowing the electric power industry to manage power grids and restore power after blackouts.
  • Project to modernize the US electric grid system and create a collaborative network. Includes mission statement and member list.
  • Electric power industry consultant.
  • Grid Electricity Workover Machine

    Hybrid Coil Tubing Drilling Unit

    Grid Electricity Workover Rig

    The grid electricity workover rig can meet all kinds of workover operational requirements due to its safety, stability, and reliability as well as excellent technical performances. The wellsite is now completely free from exhausted gas/oil emissions, and well site noise has also been greatly reduced.