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Environmental Waste Disposal System

Well Site Electricity System

Well site electricity system (well electricity system) includes air source room, MCC control system, generator room, generator room set, etc....


ZJ70 Solid Control System

ZJ70 solid control system is designed for ZJ70 drilling rig. It covers 12 sets of mud circulation tank, duty room, and drug tank, shuttle slurry distribution system, electrical control system and lighting system of solid control....

Tags: Solid Circulation & Solid System | Solid Circulation System | Drilling Solid Control Circulating System | Solid Control Circulating Equipment

XJ650 Solid Control System

XJ650 solid control system is a mud treatment system integrated by mechanical control and electrical control. Solid control machine is mainly consisting of mud tank, shale shaker, agitator, mud gun, weighting pump, weighting hopper, liquid level gauge, electrical control system and lighting system....

Tags: Drill Solid Controlling Units | Solid Controlling System for Drilling Rig | Drill Solid Control Circulating System

Environmental Waste Disposal System

  • Produces and distributes biodegradable waste disposal products for septic system maintenance through natural digesters applied directly from the toilet.
  • Australia. Offers high temperature incineration for medical and industrial waste, plus collection and disposal. Company profile, list of services and benefits, and environmental performance.
  • Food waste handling solutions and systems for foodservice establishments. Meiko food disposal equipment is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly answer to reducing kitchen waste to landfill sites.
  • Offers solvent and metal recycling, and chemical waste disposal services to foundries and other industrial customers.
  • Engineering program that focuses on waste treatment and disposal, environmental and health impacts of waste disposal, recycling and re-use of wastes, treatment of contaminated land, waste management policy and law, and waste minimization.
  • The Centre specialises in several major areas of environmental concern, including waste management, flue gas clean up systems, recycle/ reuse of ash residuals and the eventual disposal of sludges.
  • Non hazardous and hazardous waste disposal and transportation.
  • Designers, manufacturers and installers of wood waste disposal boilers, heaters and automatic feed systems.
  • Provides compact medical waste treatment and disposal systems that are designed for microbiological laboratory operations.
  • Produces complex cremation systems and waste combustion systems for commercial and government use.
  • Manufacturer and exporter of common effluent treatment plant, environmental management systems and solid waste disposal systems. Ahmedabad, India.
  • Provides environmentally sound, financially stable, fiscally responsible, community recognized, solid waste management services that include appropriate waste reduction, resource conservation, and disposal activities.
  • USA. Waste management services include reclamation, treatment, disposal, and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Offices in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.
  • US (NJ) Based Electronic Recycling Centre Licensed by NJ Department of Environmental Protection to dispose of waste electronic equipment in accordance with legislation.
  • Offers a variety of services including disposal solutions, analytical measuring and sampling, regulatory consulting, and waste supplies.
  • Provides environmental remediation and transport services through a wide range of capabilities in transport, and disposal of hazardous and medical waste.
  • Member-owned not-for-profit organization that provides solid waste disposal services to the county. History, membership, recycling and trash disposal services, and information on household hazardous waste disposal and composting programs.
  • Provides unique integrated solutions that are environmentally responsible, for non-incineration based decontamination, bio-containment and disposal of Medical, Biologic (animal carcass) and liquid effluent wastes.
  • USA. Disposes off and recycles non-PCB, PCB contaminated and PCB transformers and electrical equipment.
  • UK. Provides independent advice on waste reduction, sustainable waste management, composting and recycling.
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