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Electric Workover Machines

XJ750 Truck Mounted Workover Rig

The XJ750 truck mounted well workover rig is mainly used for work-over operation of middle and shallow wells. The machine adopts double engine compound power system. It can achieve the shift between vehicle transportation and drilling operation, between single engine and double engine through compounding of the gear....

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XJ650 Truck Mounted Workover Rig

The XJ650 hydraulic truck mounted workover unit is mainly suitable for work-over operation of middle and shallow wells. Its main working system includes the lifting system and rotation system. The maximum static hook load is 1580KN. Workover rig can achieve heavy repair and side tracking when equipped with substructure and associated parts....

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Well Site Electricity System

Well site electricity system (well electricity system) includes air source room, MCC control system, generator room, generator room set, etc....


Electric Workover Machines

  • Specializes in high precision wire electrical discharge machining of small and deep holes from all angles.
  • Offers wire EDM, precision surface grinding and conventional machining of hardened materials to tolerances of +/- .0002. Rowley, MA.
  • Contract machine shop specializing in wire, sinker and small hole electrical discharge machining (EDM). Supplier of brass and copper EDM electrodes.
  • CNC, manual and EDM machining.
  • Manufactures a full line of machines for the manufacture of electric motors.
  • Specializes in conventional EDM with CNC and general machining capabilities.
  • Die cast tooling and production machining in Harrison, Arkansas.
  • Specialists in electrical discharge machining for over 20 years.
  • Electrical discharge machining job shop specializes in wire EDM, sinker EDM, small hole EDM services. ISO 9001-2000 Certified. Woodstock, Georgia.
  • A provider of electrical discharge and waterjet machining services. From California, US.
  • Electrical discharge machining manufacturing for Computer, Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Medical and Communications applications.
  • Provides EDM, CNC machining and waterjet services for tooling and production machining needs.
  • Electric motor sales and service including pumps, controls, balancing, and machine work.
  • Production, prototypes, tool and die, molds, wire electrical discharge machining, CNC sinker EDM, EDM hole burner, abrasive waterjet machining, and complete CNC machine shop. Huntington Beach, CA.
  • Provides quality wire EDM, drilling and machining sevrvices to many different industries.
  • Features 4 and 5 axis wire, and sinker EDM services as well as CNC machining. Also provides design assistance and value added assembly and testing.
  • FDM of Clearwater was established in 1971 a reliable source for EDM, Wire-EDM, toolmaking, mold-making and general machining.
  • Specializes in wire and small hole EDM work, with additional capabilities of abrasive waterjet cutting and precision machining. End products include fixtures, gages, and tool and die components.
  • Specializes in conventional, small hole, and wire EDM work, as well as CNC machining, milling, and grinding. End products include stamping and extrusion dies, injection molds, and die and mold components.
  • Winding and repair for electrical rotating machines and a producer of automatic voltage regulators.
  • Electric Hybrid Drive Workover Rig

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