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Drilling Cuttings Spin Dryer

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Drilling cuttings spin dryer is a kind of single stage, continuous working, vertical type, scrapper discharging centrifuge. It is mainly used in the environmental waste mud treatment area of oil field, which can effectively recycle the oil element in drilling cuttings.
Drill cuttings dryer can achieve the solidify transportation, suiting for the environmental requirement. It can be applied to various types drilling mud, and can perform efficiently when dry the drilling cuttings of oil base mud and combination base mud.

1. Applicable to the spin-dry requirements of current international and domestic oil base, water base, and combination base drilling cuttings.
2. After spin-drying, the drilling cuttings moisture content is controlled during 6 to 10%, oil content is below 3% (oil base drilling cuttings).
3. There is an independent oil circuit cooling system. Be equipped with scientific oil tank cooling system, drilling cuttings spin dryer effectively meet the use requirement under high temperature environment.
4. Rotation speed can reach 900RPM, could form 420G separator factor, effectively separate the water out from the drilling cuttings.
5. Discharging scrapper is made of hard alloy material, with long service life.
6. Every changeable part has been done the dynamic balancing testing, meeting the integral balance after the parts been changed.
7. Discharging port could be matched with screw conveyer, which is convenient for dry drilling cuttings’ transportation and the device’s continuous operation.

Technical Parameters of Drilling Cuttings Spin Dryer

Item Name Parameters
1 Mode LS1600
2 Max. basket diameter (mm) 930
3 Basket gap size (mm) 0.2 to 0.3
4 Max. rotary speed 900rpm
5 Separation factor of drill cuttings dryer 420
6 Treatment capacity (m3/h) 50
7 Main Motor power (kw) 55
8 Oil pump power (kw) 0.55
9 Separation efficiency of drilling cuttings spin dryer ≤6%
10 Ex-proof marks EXDⅡBT4
11 Protection grade IP55
12 Electric system 380V/50Hz
13 Whole Weight (kg) 6750
14 Dimension (mm) 2855 × 2150 × 2050