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Drill Cuttings Spin Dryer

Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

The trailer mounted drilling rig puts all parts on the semi-trailer chassis, such as power system, draw-works, mast, traveling system and transmission system. The tractor draws the trailer to oil field during transportation, which is of great advantage to improve the drilling operation transportation efficiency and it saves the transportation resources....

Tags: Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig | Trailer Mounted Portable Water Well Drills | Trailer Mounted Drill Rig | Hydraulic Oil and Gas Drilling Rig

ZJ70/4500LDB Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ70/4500LDB mechanical oil drilling rig is a kind of combination drive (mechanical + electric transmission) rig and designed for oil field deep well exploration....

Tags: Skid Mounted Drilling Machine | Skid Mounted Drill Rig | Hydraulic Drill Machine

ZJ50/3150LDB Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

Mechanical skid mounted drilling rig is suitable for domestic, overseas various oil, gas well drilling and exploration under 5000m. Oil well drill rig types and basic parameters accord with industrial standards, main parts accord with API specifications....

Tags: Core Drill Equipment | Crawler Drilling Rig | Skid Mounted Oil Well Drill Rig

Drill Cuttings Spin Dryer

  • Supply, installation, maintenance and rental of industrial washing machines, tumble dryers, spin dryers and ironing machinery. Located in the UK.
  • Dryer vent cleaning using state-of-the-art spin brushing equipment.
  • Designs and manufactures sheet-glass edge grinding and polishing machines and bevelling machines. Drilling machines for double-sided drilling of sheet glass.
  • Holland. Manufactures magnetic drilling and cutting machines, cutting saws, drill bit grinding machines, and related accessories.
  • Singapore. Carries a wide range of products and accessories for the tapping and metal cutting industries. Lines include taps, carbide drills, dies, centre drills, and endmills.
  • USA. Standard and custom designed cut-off blades, holders and attachments for automatic screw machines, cutting tools, drills and inserts.
  • Supply new and used mineral processing equipment such as mills, crushers, filters, thickeners, dryers, conveyors, pumps, agglomerators and flotation machines.
  • Manufacturer of production drilling machinery, multiple spindle heads and tapping equipment.
  • Custom stainless steel and aluminum fabrications using metal spinning, laser cutting, bending and welding. Focus on aluminum die cast/ foundry, machinery manufacturers and architectural. Low tooling and development costs.
  • Provides a specialist drilling and cutting service. Services and contacts. Cosham.
  • Manufacturer of carbide drills, routers, endmills, burrs, specialty carbide cutting tools in both metric and English sizes.
  • Manufacturer specializing in deep gun drills and other deep hole drills, as well as related toolholders and coolants. Information about deep drilling methodology, available tool sizes and associated speeds, and addresses of domestic and international sales agents.
  • Specializes in manufacture of multi-axis and multi-spindle machine tools for OEM and high volume manufacturing companies. Applications include buffing, polishing, drilling, milling, spinning, turning, and tapping.
  • Sells a clothes centrifuge said to save minutes in the clothes dryer and thus save energy.
  • A mining and civil engineering contractor in the UK. Services include drilling, diamond drilling and cutting of concrete, mini piling and the treatment of abandoned mine workings.
  • Manufacturers of spin coaters, spin etchers, spin dryers, wet etch stations and other processing equipment for the semiconductor industry.
  • UK. Provides a complete range of drills, reamers and cutting tools from stock with fast delivery worldwide.
  • Manufacturer of precision drill units and accessories.
  • Melbourne based concrete drilling, cutting, and sawing service. Specialists in road, wire, wall, ring, and suspended sawing, core drilling and hydraulic bursting.
  • Full line dealer of Stanley underwater tools for drilling, cutting, demolition, pipeline, other industrial use.
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