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Digital Control VF Electric Rigs

Solid Control System

Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co,. Ltd. can provide reliable performance solid control system. According to requirements of customer, various drill rig and workover rig operation are satisfied. It is suitable for desert, low temperature and extreme environment....

Tags: Solid Control Circulating System | Solid Control Machinery | Solid Control Unit | Solid Controlling System

T40G Solid Control System

T40/G solid control system is trailer mounted solid control system designed for ZJ40 drilling rig. drilling Solid control equipment consists of 5 sets of mud circulation tank, drug tank, shuttle slurry distribution system, electrical control system and lighting system of solid control....

Tags: Solid Controlling Unit | Solid Control System for Drilling Rig | Drilling Solid Controlling Unit

XJ650 Solid Control System

XJ650 solid control system is a mud treatment system integrated by mechanical control and electrical control. Solid control machine is mainly consisting of mud tank, shale shaker, agitator, mud gun, weighting pump, weighting hopper, liquid level gauge, electrical control system and lighting system....

Tags: Drill Solid Controlling Units | Solid Controlling System for Drilling Rig | Drill Solid Control Circulating System

Digital Control VF Electric Rigs

  • Manufacturers of Stagemaker electric chain hoists and controllers.
  • Providing enhanced video and digital images for microscopic research and inspection.
  • Smatlab digital input/output data acquisition interface cards.
  • Designs and manufactures digital, linear and phase lock loop servo amplifiers and motion controls.
  • Manufacturing of digital protection, control, metering, and communications, products for substations, power lines, and electrical power machines.
  • Designs, develops, and manufactures customized digital motor speed, engine and system controls.
  • Sells interfaces made for specific Amateur Radios for doing digital modes and rig control.
  • Designs and manufactures digital controllers with Softstart.
  • DC Motor Controls, variable speed drives, thyristor drives, servo motor controllers and digital panel meters.
  • Manufactures digitally controlled power-management devices.
  • Ham Radio Deluxe software, an integrated suite of rig control, logging, and digital communications software.
  • Digital thyristor heater power controller and soft starter for induction motor, aircon for control panel and cable fault locator.
  • Provides electrical contracing services, systems design and installation, digital and analogue communications engineering, design and maintenance.
  • Design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing company specializes in distributed direct digital control (DDDC) systems.
  • Manufactures analog AC and DC drives, fan speed controls for AC motors, low voltage DC-DC battery controls and RFI filters. Imports Genesis digital inverters, programmable relays, PLC's and HMI touch screens.
  • Manufactures a digital programmable timer for school bell activation, opening and closing of facilities, lighting, arming of facilities or systems.
  • Process controllers, bar-graph instruments, digital panel meters, wireless and RF controls.
  • Manufacturer of timer, counter, controller, floatless relay, relay, solid state relay and digital temperature controller.
  • US website for a worldwide manufacturer of controls, digital readouts, linear encoders, rotary encoders, and servo systems.
  • Manufacturer of serial data acquisition and control interfaces. Control analog, digital and relay I/O via RS232 and RS485.
  • Digital Control VF Electric Units

    Digital Control VF Training Units

    Digital Control VF Electric Rig

    Digital control VF electric rig is designed integrating mechanical, electrical and digital technologies with advanced and proven technology from China and overseas, while main functions realizing digital control.