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Diesel Generator Set

Diesel Driven Pump

Diesel driven pump is equipped with Allison S series hydraulic transmission case, which has low operation and maintenance cost. Its transmission type combines hydraulic, mechanical and universal joint....

Tags: Diesel Pump Unit | Diesel Driven Pump Equipment | Diesel Driven Pump Machine | Diesel Driven Pump Machinery

Diesel Oil Tank

Diesel oil tank is a professional equipment to provide reserve fuel for the rig power equipment (diesel engine, generators, etc). Diesel tank is composed of the base, tanks, piping centrifugal pumps, filters, flow meters, level gauges, manifolds, stainless steel ball valves and the other components....

Tags: Diesel Fuel Tanks | Diesel Oil Storage Tanks | Oil Tank | Diesel Tank | Diesel Fuel Tank

Generator room and Generator room set

Generator room is mainly provides power to rig equipment which needs electricity. Its layout and display are according to rig design. Specialized customized solutions can be issued according to client’s demands....

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Diesel Generator Set

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  • Distributors of Lister-Petter, Iveco, and Volkswagen industrial diesel engines; parts for Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Mack, and Navistar; AC and DC generator sets; marine generator sets; Racor filtration systems and Baldwin filters; pump units; engine accessories and controls, generator set accessories; used equipment.
  • Providing reciprocating generator sets and co-generation systems with diesel engines, natural gas engines, and heavy fuel oil engines.
  • Drilling Solid Controlling Unit

    Diesel Generator Room