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DC Electric Drilling Machine

TZJ30 Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

ZJ30T/1800 trailer mounted hydraulic rig is equipped with special four-axle semi-trailer chassis, double engine and compound gear power system, 38m or 39m hydraulic telescopic mast. It is suitable for drilling operations of oil and gas wells whose drilling depth is within 3000m....

Tags: Trailer Mounted Well Drilling Equipment | Trailer Mounted Drill Machine | Trailer Mounted Drill Equipment

Well Site Electricity System

Well site electricity system (well electricity system) includes air source room, MCC control system, generator room, generator room set, etc....


Drilling Waste Management System

Drilling waste management system is also called drilling waste disposal system, its main equipment includes drying shale shaker, drilling cuttings spin dryer, spiral conveyer, screw pump, etc....

Tags: Mud No landing Disposal System | Environmental Waste Disposal System | Drying Shale Shaker | Drilling Cuttings Spin Dryer

DC Electric Drilling Machine

  • Provides quality wire EDM, drilling and machining sevrvices to many different industries.
  • Product lines include lathes, milling machines, grinders, drill and tapping machines, bandsaws, electric discharge machines, CNCs, digital control lathes, mills.
  • Offers Wire EDM services to ISO-9001 2000 standards as well as EDM drilling, CNC milling, grinding for the tooling industries.
  • Taiwan. Manufactures selection of conventional and CNC machines for flame, plasma, and photo tracer cutting, plus two-spindle and regular drilling machines.
  • Suppliers of large, heavy-duty electric motors and control systems specializing in off-shore drilling equipment.
  • Magnetic component manufacturing, automation design, specialty motors, linear motors, rotary motors, winding machines, abrasive waterJet.
  • Manufacturer of PCB industrial cutting tools such as drill and router bits, ring setting machines, and drill point grinding machines.
  • CNC routers, lathes, and stepper motors for machining needs.
  • Manufacturer of a variety of AC and DC motors as well as drives, electrical winding machines, and armatures. Based in India.
  • Manufacturer of electrical and electronic appliances, including standard communication cabinets, DC cabinets, AC/DC feeder panels and cabinets, double-power-supply transfer tanks, AC/DC power distribution boxes, and outdoor integrated communication machine rooms.
  • India. Manufacturers of AC and DC motors and generators, and point machines for a range in industrial applications. Also, power systems and pumps.
  • Specialized tool for notching pipes and tubing. Can be used with electric or pneumatic hand drills or small drill presses. Selection of hole saws also available. Price list and online order form.
  • Manufactures precision tooling including punches, dies, pins and bushings, tooling for the pharmaceutical, electrical, plastics industries.
  • A manufacturer of PCB prototyping equipment, SMT stencil lasers, AOI systems, Microvia laser drilling and HDI circuit structuring machines
  • Distributor of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing equipment, including drilling, test, and wet process machines. Site lists represented manufacturers.
  • Manufacturing and service of PCB drilling and routing machines.
  • Manufacturer of programmable, CNC, drill, and wire cut electric discharge machines.
  • Specialize in complete outdoor lighting, sign service, and electrical service installations and repairs. Services include directional drilling. Serving the Washington DC area and the surrounding counties of Virginia and Maryland.
  • Manufacturer of software-controlled printed circuit board drilling and routing machines. Product specifications, user manuals, and control software downloads.
  • Offers wire EDM, CNC graphite milling, small hole drilling, and electrode fabrication, design, and engineering services. End products include partial or complete plastic injection molds and diecasting dies.
  • DC Electric Drill Rig

    Desert Workover Machine

    DC Electric Drilling Rig

    DC electric drilling rig adopts integrated design of mechanical, electrical and digital , its major functions realize digital control, and it possesses elementary functions of automation, intelligence and information.