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Coiled Tubing Machinery

Coiled Tubing Machinery

  • Manufacturer of heat transfer products. Includes shell and tube heat exchangers, new and replacement tube bundles, pipe and tube coils, fin coils, tanks and weldments. Photo gallery of products and parts.
  • Special machinery for heat transfer coil production; presses, fin dies, tube straighteners, benders and expanders.
  • Design and manufacture of heat transfer equipment. Products include shell and tube, plate and frame exchangers, heating and cooling coils, tankless coils, oil preheaters, water heaters and tube bundles.
  • Helical coil, tube-in-tube and spiral tube exchangers for sample cooling and other low flow severe duty heat transfer. Sanitary and fully drainable capabilities.
  • Manufactures diversified range of products. Main lines are recirculating valves and accessory parts for centrifugal pumps, as well as machinery for spring coiling and forming and wire and tube bending.
  • Offers wide selection of used, rebuilt, and new equipment for the tube, pipe, and coil processing industries. Includes tube mills, rollformers, benders, shears, and brakes. Current inventory details.
  • Manufactures line and suction heaters, tank heating coils, and hairpin and pipe size shell and tube exchangers. Site incorporates detailed descriptions, diagrams, and specifications of available products.
  • Sells and buys used steel processing and metal fabricating equipment. Inventory includes rolling mills and roll formers, tube and pipe mills, banding and slitting lines, levelers and straighteners, and coil processing equipment.
  • UK. Specializes in retubing of shell and tube evaporators and condensers, as well as supply and installation of replacement condenser, heating, and cooling coils. Mainly serves the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.
  • Manufacturer of welded stainless steel, coil, alloy and metric stainless tubing.
  • Offers wide range of metal fabrication capabilities. End products include tanks, pressure vessels, storage containers, tube and pipe connections, filtration strainers, machinery parts, and heat exchanger coils.
  • USA. Manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of machinery for spring coiling and forming, wire and tube bending, and strip forming. Can also supply accessory equipment, such as ovens, fixtures, gages, sorters, and collectors.
  • Control line and coiled tubing for the oil and gas industry including welded and seamless coil and instrumentation stick tubing for subsurface valves and chemical injection lines.
  • Plastic tubing, hose, coils and tether manufacturer.
  • Supplies a range of fin and tube heat exchanger coils for air conditioning.
  • Supplies new and used coiled tube and water tube boilers, water treatment chemicals and services.
  • Full service stocking distributor of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, tinplate, alloys, and galvanized in coils, sheets, bars, rounds, flats, tubing, and pipe.
  • Control line and coiled tubing for the oil and gas industry including welded and seamless coil and instrumentation stick tubing for subsurface valves and chemical injection lines.
  • Extruder of stock and custom polyethylene tubing, hose, pipe and retractable tubing coils.
  • Manufacturing plastic medical tubing for medical manufacturing companies. Provide customized products, clean room facilities, equipment for semi-automated tube coiling.
  • Coiled Tubing Equipment

    DC Electric Drilling Unit

    Coiled Tubing Unit

    Coiled tubing unit is equipped with 18 speed transmission, which will provides improvements in energy efficiency, which is configured with two medium inlet, suitable for both mud and air as drilling medium.