Solve the bottleneck of the market, Innovative product highlights

Under the epidemic situation, in order to solve the problems of high energy consumption, high pollution and high cost in the oil field market, Dongfang Xianke recently launched a representative electric drilling rig, oil-electric hybrid intelligent drilling rig in Shengli Oilfield, Wellhead intelligent equipment for minor repair operations. According to the comprehensive information of on-site technical exchange activities and user feedback, the product has leading technology, excellent quality, and bright spots. It has won unanimous praise from users and praise from the industry!

At present, all types of work machines in the oil field are generally powered by diesel engines. The working efficiency of diesel engines is only about 50%. Not only is energy waste more serious, operating costs are high, but there are also a series of environmental problems such as noise pollution, which affects the body of front-line production workers. Health also affects the quality of the surrounding environment; at the same time, the combustion of diesel fuel will produce a lot of harmful gases, causing environmental pollution, which is not in line with the national industrial policy of energy saving and consumption reduction, nor does it meet the requirements of environmental protection. Dongfang Xianke Electric Drilling Workover Rig has effectively solved the problems of high energy consumption and serious pollution emissions of traditional oil workover rigs by "substituting electricity for oil", and reduced the cost of workover and maintenance. According to statistics, the fuel cost is saved by more than 70%, and the operation is clean, low noise, no exhaust emissions, energy saving and environmental protection, and easy to control automatically.

Vehicle electric drilling rig -----ZJ30DBZ. The product adopts a special chassis for transportation, and the winch and turntable adopt independent variable frequency drive transmission schemes. The whole vehicle structure is simple, taking into account the advantages of vehicle-mounted drilling rigs and electric drilling rigs. It has the characteristics of convenient installation and transportation of vehicle-mounted drilling rigs. The goal of energy saving and environmental protection during operation. The chassis is equipped with a single Weichai engine and Kaixing gearbox, which transmit power to the front and rear drive axles of the chassis, which has strong power and strong off-road capabilities.
The operating power source is 800KW (winch drive) and 400KW (turntable drive) AC variable frequency motor, which is transmitted to the winch and turntable through the gear box. It has high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise, and high degree of automation.

The product has the following features:
1. Adopt the special chassis for oil rig to move, strong off-road ability;
2. The patented cab is used, which has a large space and a good view. The vehicle is equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning, and it can be equipped with driving recorders, reversing images and other auxiliary measures to provide driver comfort;
3. Various safety protection measures.
A. Mechanical over-coiling anti-collision;
B. Electronic anti-up and down smashing device (optional according to customer requirements);
C. Heavy hammer crane anti-collision (optional according to customer requirements).
D. Stall protection (optional according to customer requirements).
4. The winch adopts motor energy braking and hydraulic disc brake auxiliary braking, and has a hovering function, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator;
5. The working power of the drilling rig is driven by 800KW frequency conversion AC motor, and the winch is driven by the gear box to perform the operation. Its structure is simple, compact, strong and practical. The transmission efficiency is high, and the pollution-free operation of the host is achieved during the operation, and the noise of the field test is less than 85dBA;
6. All operations are controlled centrally in the driller's room, and the working status is displayed in real time through the touch screen, and the operation is simple. The height of the hook is displayed in both digital and analog forms, and the height of the hook to the ground or floor is displayed in real time;

7. The emission of the whole vehicle can reach the national five standard, with the motor vehicle announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the national compulsory certification, meeting the environmental protection requirements;
8. The rig can be configured with "intelligent maintenance and early warning system", combined with modern wireless sensor networks, microcomputer control technology and other cutting-edge technologies. The system collects the operation data of key components in real time, performs comprehensive records and early warnings, discovers hidden dangers, diagnoses in advance, avoids sick operations, and reduces the incidence of work stoppages and safety accidents caused by equipment failures:
Microcomputer controlled timing, fixed point, and quantitative centralized lubrication system. Regular filling is performed during operation to ensure the lubrication of each node.

B. Install sensors in key positions such as various transmission boxes, winches, overhead cranes, etc., collect data such as temperature rise, noise, and vibration of bearings and lubricating oil pools in real time. Through CAN bus communication, collect real-time engine, gearbox running status, maintenance and Data such as maintenance cycle is transferred to the whole ECU through wireless technology and sent to the cloud;

C. According to the collected equipment operation data, and using the equipment failure cloud platform accumulated over the years for big data analysis, so as to monitor the operation status of the equipment in real time, while providing health management for the equipment, it also provides managers with accurate decision-making basis ;

D. The device can be managed through visual terminals such as mobile phones and computers.

XJ1800DB oil-electric double drive workover rig. The product XJ1800DB oil-electric dual-drive workover rig is designed with two sets of independent and complementary power units, which can choose different power systems according to different operating environments and working conditions. The engine can provide power for driving and emergency operations. The winch and the turntable share an AC variable frequency motor drive, and the two sets of power are spares for each other, which is safe and reliable.
The degree of intelligence of this product is interchangeable with the degree of intelligence of pure electric drilling rigs.
Wellhead automation device for minor repair operations. Minor repair operations usually use manual completion of a series of actions such as switching the elevator, pushing and pulling the hydraulic pliers, and pushing the tubing. The wellhead is coordinated and alternately operated by 4 operators, with high labor intensity and high risk factors.

In view of the pain points in oilfield operations, a variety of products have appeared on the market, but they all have the disadvantages of inconvenient moving and installation, unable to pipe up and down in multiple directions, unable to adapt to changes in the height of wellhead equipment, unable to align the tubing buckle, and low operating efficiency.
In response to the above problems, Dongfang Xianke innovatively designed a new type of wellhead automation device for minor repair operations. This set of equipment is composed of an automatic lifting and turning table, an automatic tubing tong, a pipe support manipulator, a hydraulic elevator and a pneumatic slip, and a control operating system. The overall equipment has a high degree of automation, and it is moved with the host as a whole to achieve unmanned wellhead operation with 1-2 people per shift.
This set of equipment has the following advantages:
1. It can be moved together with the host as a whole, which is convenient and fast. During operation, the platform is unfolded by hydraulic drive, and the automation device stands by to the operation position; when moving, the automation device is retracted into the H-shaped bracket, and the platform is recovered. The whole process does not require crane cooperation.

2. It can adapt to different wellhead heights during operation. The platform and automation device can be adjusted within the height range of 1.2m-2.7m to adapt to various wellhead heights;
3. The platform is equipped with an environmentally friendly dirt pick-up box to meet environmental protection requirements. The environmentally friendly dirt collection box is installed on the wellhead flange and cooperates with the platform dirt collection box to recover all the sewage during the operation.
4. According to the wellsite situation, it can realize the up and down tubing in multiple directions;
5. Designed with buckle pliers to ensure that the tubing is centered. Tighten the upper and lower tubing separately by using the buckle pliers and automatic tubing tongs to avoid damage to the tubing buckle when it is buckled;
6. The system is designed with various centering adjustment devices to ensure that the automatic device is aligned with the wellhead.
7. With one-button up and down functions, the operation efficiency is high.

The epidemic situation is in danger, how to turn crises into opportunities, and be a beacon company In addition to the firm belief of "buying Shaohua and fighting for the day and night" to take the new long march, improve the strategy, keep an eye on the market, and control costs, etc., in terms of product technology, Oriental Yushchenko is doing the same!

Technology is a weapon to change the market and lead the market. The electric drilling rig, hybrid electric hybrid drilling rig and intelligent wellhead intelligent equipment introduced by Dongfang Xianke are the company's scientific research and effective transformation of technical achievements in recent times. A number of technologies have filled the gap of intelligent technology in China's petroleum equipment field. Achieved the title of number one product technology innovation, became the industry leader, set the industry benchmark, won the market and won customers.