Embrace 2020, dfxk dedication blessing is here

Many good things only bloom in an instant; the sweat of struggle lies on you and me.
In this strong year of resigning from the old and welcoming the new year, and the family's joyous year, we recorded the dedication and hard work of Senko's dedication and hard work, gathered in a book to show the wishes of the New Year, I wish the family a happy New Year, Your family is happy, healthy, and successful!

A photo is a task.
A photo is a story.
A photo is an honor.
A photo is a portrayal of you and me.

An exhibition was a pioneering effort in the market.
A reception, it is an opportunity for the development of the company.
An activity, that is to build the cohesion of the team.
A set of products, that is the hard work of the brothers.

Photographs, smiley faces, moving pictures, production scenes, writing the joy of Xianke people, writing the struggle of Xianke people, writing the responsibility of Xianke people, writing Xianke People's glory.

All past are prologues; all futures fulfill their dreams.
Don't forget your original intention, you always have. The great 2020 is here, and Schenker's dedication is here. Let us open our arms and embrace a better tomorrow!